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Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County

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What Is An Emergency?

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Identifying A Pet Emergency

Not every health problem your pet encounters will require emergency medical care. With some illnesses and injuries, symptoms may develop slowly or seem minor on the surface, making it challenging to determine if immediate medical care is needed. If you feel your pet may need emergency medical care, we have compiled the following information to help you assess the care your pet needs.

Emergency Symptoms

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Bleeding, Trauma, Lethargy, Pain, or Disorientation

Trauma can include acute swelling anywhere on the body, wounds or lacerations, and any bite wounds

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Vomiting or Diarrhea

There are many causes of vomiting in our pets. Initially, if your pet does vomit, withhold food and water for several hours. NO milk. NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK.

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A small tan dog sitting on an exam table, getting a checkup, and shaking a paw with a female veterinarian

Consumption of Toxins/Poisoning

In general, any products that are harmful to people are also toxic to animals.

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Ingestion of Foreign Objects

“Foreign bodies” are objects pets may eat, which subsequently get “stuck” in their stomachs or intestines.

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Seizures & Convulsions

Seizures and convulsions are scary for pet owners to watch, and they can result in serious injuries in a cat or dog who has lost muscle control due to the seizure.

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Eye Problems

Eye problems in pets can often be more serious than they appear, so they should never be ignored.

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Did you know that on sunny days with temperatures at 70° or above, the temperature inside your car can soar to intolerable levels for your family pet? Additionally, when your pets are left outdoors in a non-shaded area, the heat can quickly cause serious health complications.

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Near-drowning is determined by an event that involves prolonged submersion in water, followed by survival for at least 24 hours afterward.

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Coughing or Respiratory Distress

Dogs cough for many reasons, including allergies, tracheal disease (collapse), lung disease, or the lodging of a foreign material/object in the windpipe.

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Be Prepared for a Pet Emergency

If your pet has an ongoing medical problem that could result in a sudden emergency, make sure that you keep pertinent medical records easily accessible, so the Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County can review them.

Keep your veterinarian’s phone number on your phone in case of an emergency.

Know basic first aid tips for pets. Ask our veterinarians for these tips ahead of time at your next visit.