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Cat sitting on examination table being held and examined by a doctor in uniform


Learn Everything You Need To Know

Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive at the Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County. If you have a question that is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Will it cost more when I come to the emergency clinic versus my primary veterinarian?

Like your primary veterinarian, a variety of factors go into how fees are determined. As an emergency hospital we are open when your primary veterinarian is not. As such, the cost of emergency medicine may be more than primary care rates, just like in human medicine. We do provide detailed estimates prior to treatment in order to find the best treatment plan available for your pet while staying affordable to you as a client.

How are we different than your primary veterinarian?

As an emergency care center, we do not provide routine healthcare services such as vaccinations, dental care, and heartworm prevention. We focus on providing efficient and timely diagnostics to help us determine your pet's medical needs, which we then use to tailor a custom treatment plan for your pet.

How can I avoid an emergency situation with my pet?

While some emergency situations are unavoidable, there are some measures you can take to help reduce the risk of pet health emergencies. Follow your veterinarian’s advice regarding all relevant wellness care. Prevent traumatic injury by keeping pets under control at all times. When your pet ventures outside, always keep it on a leash. Never leave your pet alone in an unattended car. Pet-proof your home by removing all potential hazards from your pet’s reach. If your pet is coping with a chronic illness, carefully follow your primary veterinarian’s recommendations regarding medication administration and check-ups.

Will my pet be alone?

NO! That is why we are here, to be with your pet when your regular veterinarian is closed. We always have a doctor and caring nurses on the premises whenever your pet is hospitalized. We will take care of any needs that may arise overnight. Special attention is paid to the management of pain in all of our patients. The latest pain relief protocols are used to control patient discomfort.

Can I visit if my pet needs to be hospitalized?

We encourage owners to visit their pets. Visits from family members relieve stress for both owners and patients. Some limits on visitation may need to be set to provide the best care for your pet. Feel free to discuss with the attending doctor the best time for the visit. We have staff on premises all during the night, and we encourage you to call at any hour to receive an update on your pet.

What happens after I arrive with my pet?

Upon arrival at our hospital, your pet will be assessed, a history will be obtained, and the doctor will perform a thorough, comprehensive exam before making treatment recommendations. A treatment plan will be discussed with you at this time, and we will do our best to work within the budget you have established for your pet’s needs.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment is needed, but we are an emergency facility and triage our patients, meaning the most life-threatening cases will be seen first when more than one pet arrives at the same time. Sometimes this means that an examination in progress may be interrupted, or a less critical patient may have to wait. Please be assured that we will work as quickly as possible to provide all pets with the care they need.

What information about my pet should I bring with me to the hospital?

Any medical records you may have along with a list of any medications your pet is taking. If your pet is on a particular medication or diet, please bring those items with you in case your pet may need to be hospitalized.

How can I plan for an Emergency?

Make sure that you know ahead of time what your primary veterinarian’s policy is regarding emergency care, both during regular practice hours and after hours. Make sure you know our location. If your pet has an outgoing medical problem that could result in a sudden emergency, make sure that you keep pertinent medical records easily accessible to review the records.

Mobile Check-In FAQ

What happens if I come to the hospital without checking in first?

If you have not checked in online prior to coming in, our veterinary nurse will triage your pet to assess the urgency of their condition. If your pet is stable, we will have you and your pet wait comfortably at home in the queue.

What if I decide I no longer want or need to have my pet seen?

If you have checked in on our waitlist, click the dashboard link to cancel your request or call the hospital and let our Client Care Specialists know so we can take your pet out of the waiting queue.

How do I know if my pet’s condition is critical and needs to be brought in immediately or is able to wait their turn?

If you are unsure if your pet is experiencing an emergency, we encourage you to call our hospital. We are always here to help you assess your pet’s individual circumstances.

What is the order that patients are seen by the Emergency Department?

Checking into the queue is NOT an appointment for services. It merely puts your pet on the waiting list to be seen. We cannot guarantee a specific time that your pet will be seen, and the wait can be extended. We see patients in order of critical status. The queue does not reflect patients currently being treated and patients that are currently hospitalized at our facility.

Myself or someone in my household is immune compromised and we are quarantining, are you able to provide curbside service?

We encourage for someone outside of the household to bring your pet to our hospital. If no one else is available to bring your pet to our hospital, please notify our staff so we can wear appropriate PPE to protect you and our team.