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Coronavirus Update

Woman with a face mask on walking her dog

We Are Here For You

Upon arrival please call our front desk (for Plano 214-547-9900, for Dallas 214-915-0573) and one of our caring Customer Service Representatives will check you and your pet in over the phone. One of our technicians will then come out to your car and obtain a history related to your pet’s current health issues. The technician will then bring your pet inside the hospital where they will obtain his/her vitals and have a doctor perform a full head to tail examination. The doctor will then call you to go their physical exam and recommendations for a diagnostics and/or treatment plan.

If you are having to visit either of our locations for euthanasia services, we will allow you and your family to come inside the hospital to be with your beloved furry family member. We will require you to wear a mask and will take your temperature. We do ask that if anyone in your family has been recently exposed to COVID-19 that you alert us of such. We will only be able to allow 4 family members in at a time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dean Severidt

Chief Medical Officer